WTCH Justus Spin DNA-vp HOF Misty Rige Nitro RTDc STDs DNA-vp


WTCH 45 Ranch Wind Wolf PATDcs RTDcs  WTCH Windsong's Falcon
WTCH The Sting Of Twin Oaks
WTCH Bar LW Miss Red Spur RD DNA-CP WTCH Crownpoint Inspirator Bar LW
Bar LW Ty One On
Justus One Tuff Cookie DNA-VP STDdsc


WTCH 45 Ranch Bull Tuff RTDs DNA-VP


WTCH The Bull Of Twin Oaks
WTCH Windsong's Rip Rap
WTCH Justus N Katie McCain RTDs DNA-VP


Bar LW Inspired Blue
WTCH Justus N lucy McCain
Vaquero's Jesica McCain DNA-vp Vaquero's Cole Younger OFTDs, OTDdsc HOF WTCH Deharo's Shaman Of Vaquero PATDC, RTDC, DNA-CP

HOF WTCH Vaquero's Silver Belle Belle, RS-O, JS-O, TN-N, CL2-R, CL2-F, CGC, DNA-CP

HOF WTCH Justus Jesica James of Vaquero, PATDc, HRD IIIs, HTD IIs, DNA-VP HOF CH Casa Buena Cadillac Jack OTDDS, STDC X


Powder River Motown Slick
Las Rocosa Poco Lena
HOF WTCH Justus N Katie McCain RTDS, DNA-VP Bar LW Inspired Blue
WTCH Justus N Lucy McCain