BALT & EE & LT & LV JCH EEJW-16 HeJW-16 Fandal’s Vilhelm (FI)

 (C.O.I 1,56% full pedigree for 4 generations)


AM CH Heart-Throbs Just Cruisin (USA)

AM CH Bolteroy Success At Daybreak (USA)

AM CH Shalako’s Just Johnny (USA)

AM CH Bolteroy Success Story (USA)

Heart-Throbs Sparkle Plenty At Kado

AM CH Heart-Throbs Junction City (USA)

AM CH Sophie Angel Wagner

Fandal’s Whole Latte Love From Kurakuma (USA)

AM CH Aladdin’s Pony Express  (USA)

AM CH & AM GR CH Barbil Dreamland Express (USA)

AM CH Aladdin’s Raisin’ Caine (USA)

Kurakuma Safari Chasin’ Dreams (USA)

AM CH Bolteroy Crest Of Success (USA)

AM CH Wil-Cle Majicly Mentha (USA)

Fandal’s Tirlittan (FI)

(C.O.I 0,00% full pedigree for 4 generations)


EE CH Kurakuma O Perfect Love At Fandals (USA)

 AM CH Kurakuma Axis N’Allies Of Mentha (USA)

AM CH Mentha’s Solo Performance (USA)

AM CH Kurakuma’s Kimi If Wil-Cle CD (USA)

AM CH  Kurakuma’s Sunshine In My Soul (USA)

AM CH  Kurakuma’s Rock My Soul (USA)

AM CH  Skipalong’s Tres Jolie (USA)

C.I.B FI & EE & LV & LT CH BALT & LT & LV & EE JCH LTJW-11 EEJW-11 LTW-13 TLNW-13 LVW-14 

Fandal’s Qwinhild (FI)



FI CH Røndesminde's Paw (DK)

Sylbecq Lighten Our Darkness  (UK)

KBHW-02 NORW-04 Little Norway’s Mille (DK)

AM & EE CH  Bolteroy Makin’ Waves (USA)



AM CH Gemini’s Take A Ride On The Wild Side (USA)

AM CH Le-Jon Turning The Tide (USA)




C.O.I 0,39% (Full pedigree information for 5 generations).

Ancestral Loss Coefficient ACL 0,94% (Full pedigree information for 5 generations; 62 entries and these entries consisted of 58 unique names).

The ACL is calculated by the number of actual ancestors and the total number of possible ancestors.



5 – 4 Kurakuma’s Kimi If Wil-Cle CD (USA)