Time Friday 19th Sep Saturday 20th Sep Sunday 21st Sep Monday 22nd Sep Tuesday 23rd Sep
9:00 "Official Opening" Exercise  "Patient Research Ptr" Exercise 
9:30 Jaana Huhta, Rep the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Maria Ekroth, CEO Finnish Rheumatism Association   "Council" Nele Cayers, EULAR PRP Training (by Skype)

Davide Mazzoni, Francesca Machiori and Petra Bednarova
"Empowerment"   Posters                         Creating a lupus language 
10:00 Kirsten Lerstrom, Kirsi Myllys Reports Projects and  discussion LE Medical Panel Marta Mosca, University of Pisa, IT
10:30 Coffee Coffee - poster mounting Coffee
11:00 Lupus in Finland Finance Crash Course:       Social Media Coffee
11:30     Nuria Zœ–iga,Lupus Madrid "Future"    
12:00 Reumatologist Elections   WLD 2015
12:30 Heikki Julkunen, Helsinki University Central Hospital Constitution Crash Course: Volunteer Engagement Kiril HŠyrinen SOSTE International Congress for Lupus and next Convention
13:00 Lunch Lunch                      Lunch Final conclusions
13:30   Trustee Meeting   Lunch
14:00 MEP Sirpa PietikŠinen (PPE), member of ECON Priorities 2015 ÒKnowledgeÓ 
14:30 Discussion Lupus Education 
15:00 Registration D-CN, subs EHC, FEMM, DACP Coffee Member Capacities
15:30 Trustee meeting Coffee ÒTreatmentÓ 
16:00 "Key note"         Access T2T, Remission and adherence Helsinki Sightseeing
16:30 Christoph Thalheim, Patients' Panel  
17:00 Director of External Affairs at European MS Platform Discussion  
20:00 Welcome Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
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  Open for all Open for registered attendees Delegates and Member organizations Trustees - old and new, Local Organizing Team