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The company's Web site is a service provider, whose mission is to provide internet web sites in cooperation with Internet service provider's: Home of the Machine Kottisivukone (Home Machine Service offers the Idea Machine Oy Ideakone.)
The service is targeted at small and medium-sized businesses, and communities. Activity, regardless of the Internet is now the company's main marketing and communication channels.


The easiest way for contact with the contact form: here.


Website activity is tested in four different web browser (you can download the browser link) Internet Explorer 8,  Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and Google Chrome, Nokia Series 60, these are the most common browsers  (Eg, covering more than 90% of company's website visitors).
In addition, the site aims to structurally optimize the search engines. Home server on the machine operated on the home page will be a backup on a daily basis.




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- Home Business -
- Prices starting from € 150 -

Corporate OFFER: Valid July 2009
.fi domain name to new customers for
website opening connection: free of charge.
Interest value
of 25 €